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4Semi-coke gas generator

300 series semi-coke carbon gas generator set

Applicable industries of semi-coke gas gas generator set:
Lan charcoal production enterprise Lan charcoal gas utilization enterprise
semi-coke gas gas overview:
Blue charcoal is fired from anthracite by low-temperature dry distillation in a blue charcoal kiln. Its process is very similar to that of a gas generator, but the heating temperature is different, and the output products are different. Therefore, semi-coke gas gas produces a large amount of waste gas in the production process, and its main component is carbon monoxide. The low-temperature dry orchid charcoal kiln produces about 600-700 cubic meters of orchid charcoal gas per ton of orchid charcoal produced, with a calorific value of about 1900 kcal, which can meet the needs of power generation.
The main components of charcoal gas:
The main components are H2 (15%~25%) and CH4 (5%~13%), and also contain a small amount of CO (6%~8%), unsaturated hydrocarbons above C2 (0.8%~1.2%), Phase and wiringCO2 (8%~12%), O2 (0.8%~1.2%)), N2 (46%~52%), and a small amount of H2S.
Advantages of 300 series semi-coke gas gas generator sets:
1. The 300 series gas generator set has the advantages of large cylinder bore, long stroke and large displacement. It is suitable for low calorific value gas and can ensure the continuous and constant output power of the set.
2. The 300 series unit adopts an internal mixed air intake system and an automatic air-fuel ratio control system, which completely avoids the problem of high hydrogen gas tempering and firing. Prevent backfire and ensure safe gas delivery.
3. Naturally inhaled to ensure the safety of gas transmission. The pressure of the gas source only needs to be greater than 2kPa, which makes the gas unit applicable to a wider range, has a strong applicability to the tar in the gas, and the gas source low-pressure transmission is safer. Self-priming air intake, the gas directly enters the combustion chamber after mixing, no air intake links such as turbocharger and intercooler are required, and there are few components, which naturally reduces the failure rate.
4. The ignition system of the 300 series gas unit adopts the ignition system imported from the United States or Germany to ensure controlled ignition, ensure high ignition energy and precise ignition time, and make the work more thorough, the energy is larger, and the explosive force is stronger.
5. Removable intake valve box, it is convenient to maintain the intake valve and clean the tar without removing the cylinder head.
6. The low speed ensures the service life of the unit, the annual operation is guaranteed to be 8000h, and the overhaul period is 60000h.
7. The unit can be connected to the grid manually or automatically, or it can operate in an island, which can realize functions such as remote monitoring and operation.
300 series semi-coke carbon gas generator set
Shaanxi Yulin Lan carbon gas power generation project (8300 units)
The requirements of the green ring semi-coke gas gas generator set for semi-coke gas gas:
■General requirements are within 1 meter before the gas inlet pressure regulating valve of the unit:
◎semi-coke gas gas temperature ≤ 40℃
◎semi-coke gas gas pressure 2.5 ~ 10kpa, pressure change rate ≤ 1kpa/min.
◎ H2S ≤ 200mg/Nm3
◎ NH3 ≤ 20mg/Nm3;
◎ Tar content ≤ 50mg/Nm3
◎Impurity particle size ≤ 5μm, impurity content ≤ 30mg/Nm3
◎Moisture content≤40g/Nm3
◎Gas calorific value ≥ 4MJ/Nm3
300 series semi-coke gas gas generator set parameters:
300 series semi-coke carbon gas generator set
If the content of sulfur and ammonia in the combustible gas is high, it will not only seriously corrode the spark plug electrodes, but also increase the acid value in the oil, corrode the internal parts of the unit, and at the same time easily generate deposits, which will increase the wear and corrosion of the engine.
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