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4Tyre pyrolysis gas generator

Tyre pyrolysis gas generator set

Tyre pyrolysis gas generator set
Tyre pyrolysis gas generator set
Waste tires are reusable resources, and there are a lot of waste tires in China. Under the premise of favorable policies, the utilization of waste tires will be a popular project in recent years.
Generally, the resource utilization of waste tires is to complete the cracking reaction of waste tire rubber blocks under anaerobic or oxygen-poor, slightly negative pressure conditions. The oil and gas obtained from cracking are fractionated and cooled to obtain fuel oil and a small amount of non-condensable combustible gas-Tyre pyrolysis gas. After the combustible gas is purified by the desulfurization and purification system, it can be used for generator power generation. Most of the electricity generated can be connected to the Internet or supplied to equipment, and some of the electricity can be supplied to the cracking system equipment, thus forming a closed-loop energy supply system. After cooling and magnetic separation, the solid products (carbon black and steel wire) obtained from cracking are continuously transported to the solid processing and storage workshops.
Based on the composition and characteristics of tire pyrolysis gas, a mature type of tire pyrolysis gas generator set should be selected, and a safe, reliable and cost-effective new generation tire pyrolysis gas generator set should be developed.
Advantages of Shandong Green Ring Power Tire Cracked Gas Generator Set;
High efficiency: the power generation efficiency is over 41%, and the comprehensive utilization efficiency is over 86%.
Low emission: NOx ≤ 500mg/nm (2g/kwh)
High reliability: the overhaul period is 48000h, and the annual operation time is 8000h.
Low lubricating oil consumption: lubricating oil consumption ≤0.3g/Kwh
Convenient maintenance: professional maintenance personnel, adequate spare parts warehouse and complete service system.
High safety: multi-stage fire-proof and explosion-proof design, advanced knock control technology.
Compact structure: small volume and light weight; The power of similar units is the first in China.
Widely used: Widely used in the field of gas-fired power generation such as Tyre pyrolysis gas, biogas, natural gas, gas, biomass gas, industrial tail gas, etc.
Lvhuan Power Tyre pyrolysis Gas Generator Set
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