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4Natural gas generator

Natural gas generator set

Natural gas generator set
Applicable industries:
●Natural gas mining enterprises
● Oilfield oil-associated gas power generation
●Petroleum processing chemical plant
●Using natural gas to generate electricity as backup power
●Oil well supporting single machine provides power
Gas composition:
Natural gas - the main component is methane, with a general content of more than 70%, and some content as high as 90% or more. Natural gas has high power generation efficiency and is green and environmentally friendly; the thermal conversion efficiency of natural gas is 65%, which is equivalent to petroleum liquefied gas and higher than coal; In terms of equivalent calorific value, the price of natural gas is already lower than that of coal and far lower than that of oil. Natural gas can be used for civil use, power generation, chemical raw materials and industrial fuel, etc., effectively replacing coal and oil. For example, it can replace residential coal to gas, replace coal and petroleum as nitrogen fertilizer raw material, replace naphtha as ethylene raw material, replace petroleum as automobile engine fuel, etc.
Natural gas generator setNatural gas generator set
The unit's requirements for natural gas:
■Within 1m from the gas inlet valve of the gas unit
◎CH4 volume content in natural gas ≥ 70%;
◎Natural gas pressure 5~20kpa, pressure change rate ≤ 1kpa/min;
◎Moisture content in natural gas ≤ 40g/Nm3;
◎Impurity particle size ≤ 5μm, impurity content ≤ 30mg/Nm3.
If the content of sulfur and ammonia in the combustible gas is high, it will not only seriously corrode the spark plug electrodes, but also increase the acid value in the oil, corrode the internal parts of the unit, and at the same time easily generate deposits, which will increase the wear and corrosion of the engine.

Main technical parameters of medium and small power series natural gas generator sets:
Power: 20-300kw
Speed : 1500r/min, 1000r/min
Voltage: 400V/230V
Frequency: 50Hz
Excitation method: brushless
Rated power factor  
Voltage regulation method: automatic
Number of phases: three-phase four-wire
Adapted gas: natural gas, oil field associated gas.

Natural gas generator set parameters:
Natural gas generator set
High-power natural gas generator set 400kw/500kw/600kw/700kw Parameters:
Natural gas generator set
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