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Jichai 3000 series A8V190/A12V190 diesel engine

Jichai 3000 series A8V190/A12V190 diesel engine
Shandong Lvhuan-Jichai 3000 series A8V190 and A12V190 diesel engines have a power range of 600KW~1200KW. They are a new generation of diesel engines developed by our company to meet the needs of the increasingly developing petroleum industry and improve the advanced nature and reliability of drilling equipment in my country. It is developed by absorbing the advanced structure and technology of foreign diesel engines. Its power and economic indicators have been greatly improved, and the main performance indicators have reached or approached the current international advanced level.
Uses: 3000 series diesel engines can meet the power requirements of mechanical drilling rigs and electric drilling rigs from 4000 to 7000 meters. It can be installed on the same chassis with torque converter and coupling to form a unit, used to drive drilling rigs or mud machines, can be used to match single or double support generators to form power stations, and power for fire pumps and flood control pumps.
Main technical parameters of Jichai 3000 series A8V190/A12V190 diesel engine:
Jichai 3000 series A8V190/A12V190 diesel engine
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