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Jichai B3000 series B12V190 diesel engine

Jichai B3000 series B12V190 diesel engine
Shandong Lvhuan-Jichai B3000 series diesel engine is based on the original 3000 series diesel engine, focusing on improving the reliability, economy and automation control level of diesel engine, solving three leakage and appearance quality, convenient maintenance and other aspects. Improved and refined.
Uses: Shandong Luhuan B3000 high reliability unattended drilling diesel engine can be used with imported drilling power. In addition to oil drilling rigs, this model can also be widely used in industrial and mining dispatching locomotives, ship main engines and large ship auxiliary equipment. machine etc.
Main technical parameters of Jichai B3000 series B12V190 diesel engine:
Number and arrangement of cylinders: 12 cylinders, 60°V type
Type: Four-stroke, water-cooled, supercharged and inter-cooled, direct injection combustion chamber
Cylinder diameter: 190mm
Piston stroke: 215mm
Total piston displacement: 73.15L
Compression ratio: 14.5:1
Steering: Counterclockwise (towards the output)
Start mode: air motor or electric motor
Lubrication method: pressure and splash lubrication
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