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Jichai 6000 series H12V190/H16V190 diesel engine

Jichai 6000 series H12V190/H16V190 diesel engine
Lvhuan Power-Jichai 6000 series H12V190, H16V190 diesel engines are our company using advanced technology and mature parts and components in the international high-power internal combustion engine industry, so that the engine can expand the power of the original 190 series diesel engine while improving the average effective rate. Great progress has been made in terms of pressure, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, and improving reliability and safety.
Uses: 6000 series diesel engines are widely used in oil drilling, diesel generator sets, offshore drilling platforms, locomotives, ship main and auxiliary engines and other power equipment.
Main technical parameters of Jichai 6000 series H12V190/H16V190 diesel engine:
Number and arrangement of cylinders: 12 cylinders, 60°V type
Type: four-stroke, water-cooled, supercharged and intercooled, direct injection combustion chamber
Cylinder diameter: 190mm
Piston stroke: 215mm
Total piston displacement: 73.15L
Compression ratio: 14.5:1
Steering: Counterclockwise (towards the output)
Start mode: air motor or electric motor
Lubrication method: pressure and splash lubrication,
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