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Yuchai diesel generator set

Yuchai diesel generator set
1. Introduction of Yuchai diesel generator set
Yuchai series diesel generator sets are produced by our company using diesel engines produced by Yuchai Group to match generators of well-known brands at home and abroad. Yuchai generator set is small in size, light in weight, low in vibration, low in noise and high in reliability. It is our main recommended product as an emergency generator, backup power supply, and fire safety power supply.
Yuchai Group, founded in 1951, now has 33 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding subsidiaries, 16,000 employees and total assets of 13.4 billion yuan. It is the world's largest independent diesel engine production base and China's largest production and export base of small and medium-sized construction machinery. All". It has successively won honors such as "National Customer Satisfaction Product", "China Famous Brand Product", "National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise", "China's Top Ten Integrity Enterprises", "National Quality Award", "National Civilized Unit" and "China Famous Trademark". Products are widely used in military, civil, marine and other fields. Yuchai diesel generator sets have a relatively high overall cost performance and are well received by customers.
Yuchai engine features:
Integral forged steel crankshaft, high-quality alloy cast iron cylinder head, and body blanks are all imported parts, featuring small size, light weight, low vibration, low noise, and high reliability. The overhaul period is more than 12,000 hours; The nozzle adopts P-type nozzle; the fuel consumption index is far better than the domestic products of the same power range; the valve oil seal is added, and Yuchai's proprietary piston ring sealing technology and valve oil sealing technology are used, and the lubricating oil consumption is lower than that of the domestic products of the same power range.
Features of Yuchai generator set:
(1). The supporting power of Yuchai generator set products are all high-quality diesel engines produced by Yuchai itself; the supporting motors are all products of famous brand manufacturers at home and abroad;
(2). The digital control system is highly intelligent; it can provide products with different functions such as remote computer remote control, group control, telemetry, automatic merging, and automatic fault protection according to the different needs of users;
(3). Strong power, can output nameplate rated power below 1000m altitude, and can output rated power 110% overload power within less than 1 hour;
(4). The fuel consumption rate and lubricating oil consumption rate are far superior to domestic similar products;
(5). Small vibration, low noise, high reliability;
(6). Low emission, in line with national environmental protection requirements;
(7). The product quality fully meets or exceeds the relevant national standards;
(8). The three-guarantee period of 14 months or 1500 hours is the longest in the country;
(9). The 1,168 service stations established by Yuchai generator sets across the country will provide users with fast and timely high-quality services.
2. Main specifications, models and technical parameters of Yuchai diesel generator sets
Yuchai diesel generator set
*The electrical specifications of the unit: rated frequency 50HZ (60HZ optional), power factor COSФ=0.8, rated voltage 400/230V, phase line: three-phase four-wire system
*If you need to know other information about the unit, the price of Yuchai diesel generator set or the parameters of the power model not shown, please contact us.
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