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Coal gas generator set

Coal gas generator set
1. Introduction to the generator gas generator set
The generator gas generator set is a set of equipment that uses the generator gas to burn in the cylinder of the gas internal combustion engine to drive the generator to generate electricity. The Coal gas generator set produced by Shandong Lvhuan Power adopts the international advanced closed-loop electronic control technology, imported gas control valve, the air-fuel ratio can be adjusted automatically, and the lean combustion technology is adopted, which effectively improves the economy and emission performance. Hybrid technology, suitable for low-pressure gas, digital intelligent ignition module, the above technical characteristics make the Coal gas generator set produced by our company can replace imported products, and the whole machine technology is in the leading position in China.
Introduction of Coal gas
Coal gas is a kind of artificial gas, which is a kind of gas obtained in a special equipment producer using solid carbonaceous fuel as raw material. The gasification agents used to produce Coal gas are air and water vapor. Coal gas with different components and properties can be obtained according to the different gasification agents used. Generally speaking, Coal gas refers to mixed Coal gas. Coal gas is generally divided into four categories: air gas, oxygen-enriched gas, water gas, and mixed Coal gas.
Air gas: Air (actually oxygen in the air) is used as the gasifying agent; since the solid fuel only reacts with oxygen, the combustible component in the gas is mainly carbon monoxide, so its calorific value is low, generally only (3347-3766 KJ/ Nm3) 800-900 kcal/standard cubic meter, or even lower, so it is rarely used in industry and is generally a by-product of blast furnace production.
Oxygen-enriched gas: A mixture of air, water vapor and oxygen (additional pure oxygen) is used as a gasifying agent.
Air gas composition: the flammable components in the gas are mainly carbon monoxide (CO), so its calorific value is low; its composition is composed of carbon monoxide and nitrogen. Theoretically, carbon monoxide CO (34.7%) and nitrogen N2 (65.3%) are used in air gas. ).
The calorific value of air gas: generally only (3347 -3766 KJ/Nm3) 800-900 kcal/standard cubic meter, even lower from the theoretical carbon monoxide 34.7%, nitrogen 65.3%, low calorific value 4399kj per cubic meter.
Use of air gas: Air gas is rarely used as an industrial fuel, mainly used in chemical and some special gas and small heaters.
Water gas: Water gas is obtained by the reaction of water vapor and high temperature carbon. Since the reaction is an endothermic reaction, in order to maintain the furnace temperature, it is necessary to produce intermittently. The CO and H2 in the obtained gas are high, and the gas calorific value is high, but the thermal efficiency is low, about 54%, and the cost is high and the equipment is complicated. It is generally used as a raw material gas for synthetic ammonia, and is rarely used as an industrial fuel gas. Sometimes, a small amount of air is added in the process of making water gas, and the obtained gas is called semi-water gas.
Semi-water gas: using air and water vapor as gasification agents, after the coal is ignited in the generator, blow sufficient air into the furnace bottom to make the coal burn fiercely, then stop the fan, and spray from the bottom and top of the furnace in turn Entering water vapor, it combines with hot coal to produce a large amount of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and then mixes with nitrogen in the air and the remaining water vapor to form water gas. In industry, the batch method of blowing steam and air alternately is mostly used, or the continuous method of blowing steam and oxygen together. The calorific value is about 10500 kJ/standard cubic meter.
Composition of water gas: ideal water gas contains carbon monoxide CO (50%) and hydrogen H2 (50%).
Calorific value of water gas: Theoretically, the low calorific value of water gas can reach 10056-11732kj per cubic meter.
Use of water gas: Water gas is mainly used in the chemical industry, and sometimes as a mixed component of city gas and other small industries.
Mixed Coal gas: The mixed gas combines the characteristics of air gas and water gas, and is blown into the producer with a mixture of water vapor and air to produce a mixed Coal gas with a higher calorific value than air gas and a lower calorific value than water gas. In production, it is referred to as Coal gas.
The components of mixed Coal gas: combustible components include carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane and a small amount of heavy hydrocarbons; non-combustible components include nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.
The calorific value of the mixed Coal gas: the calorific value of this gas fluctuates between 1200-1500 kcal/standard meter due to the nature of the fuel used. It can be produced continuously, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 70% or more.
Application of mixed Coal gas: Because of its simple production and low cost, its calorific value and combustion temperature can meet the requirements of general thermal processing technology, and it is widely used as heating fuel for various industrial furnaces.
The content and calorific value of the components of the Coal gas:
Coal gas is divided into single-stage Coal gas and double-stage Coal gas. The two kinds of gas have different components and different calorific values. The gas calorific value of single-stage furnace gas is 5230-5858 KJ/Nm3 (1250-1400 kcal), and the double-stage furnace gas calorific value is 6067-6694KJ/Nm3 (1450-1600 kcal), which can meet the needs of power generation.
Coal gas generator set
Shandong Lvhuan Power can configure a single set of generator gas generator sets with a power range of 100KW-800kw according to the actual needs of customers. For projects with an installed capacity of more than 1MW, we recommend that customers use multiple 500KW units to connect to the grid, which is the most cost-effective. The operation of the power station is also more stable, the maintenance is convenient, and the maintenance cost is low.
The technical characteristics of the generator gas generator set:
(1) Internationally advanced closed-loop electronic control technology;
(2) Imported gas control valve - automatic adjustment of air-fuel ratio;
(3) Adopt lean burn control technology - effective improvement of economy and emission;
(4) Mixing technology before supercharging - suitable for low pressure gas;
(5) Digital intelligent ignition module
(6) EGS gas controller of American WOODWARD company
(7) A gas source that can adapt to changes in concentration;
(8) It can replace imported products, and the whole machine technology is at the leading domestic and international advanced level
The main configuration of the generator set (closed-loop electronically controlled externally mixed gas generator set):
(1) 190 series gas engine
(2) Intelligent digital ignition module
(3) Siemens series engine (brushless excitation/automatic voltage regulation/various voltage output 0.4kv 6.3kv 10,5kv)
(4) Multifunctional control cabinet
(5) Automatic synchronization detection, automatic load distribution
(6) Electric starting system
(7) Complete safety protection devices
(8) A variety of cooling cycle methods (open/semi-open/integral closed part closed)
2. Technical description of generator set
1. Standard environmental conditions for generator set operation
The total atmospheric pressure is 100kPa; the ambient air temperature is 25°C; the relative humidity is 30%; under the above conditions, when the quality of the air source meets the technical requirements, the generator set can reach the rated load output.
2. Matching generator optional
The generators supporting the unit are all well-known brands at home and abroad: Leroy Somer, Siemens, Stanford, Marathon, Inge, Elma, etc.
3. After-sales service
Warranty period: 12 months after the domestic unit has passed the commissioning and acceptance, or a total of 1000 hours of operation; whichever expires first. Due to product quality problems, free maintenance or replacement, life-long paid service! (Consumable parts, common parts, man-made damage, negligent maintenance, etc. are not covered by the warranty) If it is adjusted due to the original factory, the original factory warranty regulations will be implemented!
After the warranty period, the user enjoys the life-long maintenance of the product, and only the cost will be charged when the parts need to be replaced, and no labor fee will be charged. If the product is seriously damaged or under special circumstances, you can go to our company for overhaul or replace it with a new machine.
When users find that the product is inconvenient to use or need technical support from our company, they can call our company's after-sales service team. Our company will send a commissioner to the site for inspection and maintenance as soon as possible after receiving the call or fax, and restore the normal operation of the product as quickly as possible.
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