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4Coalbed gas generator

Coal bed gas power generation

Applicable industry: high and low concentration coal bed gas power generation in coal mine.

Coal bed gas power generation

Coal bed gas is a kind of burnable gas without any color, taste and smell. It will explode if the concentration ranges at 5%~16%, and if oxygen larger than 12%, it will also explode when meeting the naked light or temperature between 650 ℃ to 750 ℃ . Explosive power will be the biggest if concentration is 9.5%. It will not explode   if concentration larger than 16%. It was generated by coal or rotten plants and exist in two states: absorbing and dissociate. China is the third biggest coal bed gas reserves country. Generation with coal bed gas not only keep the mine safe but also remit the situation of lacking power.


■在距离燃气机组燃气进气阀 1m 内  
◎瓦斯温度≤ 40℃;
◎瓦斯压力 3 ~ 20kpa,压力变化率≤ 1kpa/min;  
◎ H2S ≤ 200mg/Nm3;  
◎对于 CH4 体积含量≤ 30% 的瓦斯,CH4 与 O2 体积含量  
之和≥ 28%, O2 体积含量≥ 16%; 
◎瓦斯中水分含量≤ 40g/Nm3; 
◎杂质粒度≤ 5μm, 杂质含量≤ 30mg/Nm3;


Coal bed gas power generation

Coal bed gas power generation
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