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Landfill Gas Generator Sets

Landfill Gas Generator Sets
Landfill Gas Generator Sets

Overview of landfill biogas:
Landfill biogas is a common type of biogas, and it is also a gas source that can widely form the biogas power generation industry. The landfill gas in China is widely distributed. The CH4 in the landfill gas has a high calorific value, and the combustion does not produce secondary pollution, so it has high utilization value for power generation.
On the premise that the landfill site has sufficient biogas, it is completely possible to purchase a landfill biogas generator set to realize biogas power generation. The landfill gas generates electricity and sells electricity on the grid to create economic benefits. At the same time, the waste heat resources are fully utilized to realize cogeneration and improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy.
Biogas requirements for landfill biogas generator sets (within 1m from the gas inlet valve of the gas generator set)
Ø Biogas temperature≤40℃;
Ø Biogas pressure 3~20kpa, pressure change rate 1kpa/min;
Ø H2S≤200mg/Nm3;
Ø NH3≤20mg/Nm3;
Ø CH4 content in biogas ≥ 40%, change rate ≤ 2%/min
Ø Impurity particle size ≤5μm, impurity content 30mg/Nm3;
Ø The moisture content in the biogas is less than or equal to 40g/Nm3. 
Landfill Gas Generator Sets
China Shandong Gaotang Biogas Power Generation Project

Main technical parameters of small and medium power series biogas generator set:
Power: 20-300kw Speed: 1500r/min, 1000r/min Voltage: 400V/230V Frequency: 50Hz
Excitation method: Brushless Voltage regulation method: Automatic Number of phases: Three-phase four-wire
Parameters of lvhuan power landfill biogas generator set:
Landfill Gas Generator Sets

High power landfill gas generator set 400kw/500kw/600kw/700kw parameters
Landfill Gas Generator Sets

Advantages of Green Ring Power landfill biogas generator set:
1. Strong adaptability and wide application range to hydrogen and carbon monoxide gas;
2. Good tolerance to tar, dust, sulfur, naphthalene and other impurities in the gas;
3. Air and gas are mixed in the cylinder, high hydrogen gas has no tempering problem and high safety;
4. The air-fuel ratio is automatically adjusted, with strong adaptability to gas fluctuations and stable power output;
5. High degree of automation, with one-key start, automatic closing, loading and other functions;
6. Long running time, low failure rate, long maintenance cycle and low operating cost.
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