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Farm biogas generator set

Farm biogas generator set

Farm biogas generator set
Field picture of biogas generator set project in farm
Farm biogas generator set
Field picture of biogas generator set project in farm
Biogas overview:
Biogas is a mixed gas generated by the fermentation of organic substances by microorganisms under anaerobic conditions. The more common types of biogas include farm biogas, sewage anaerobic treatment biogas, alcohol plant biogas, starch plant biogas, paper mill biogas, landfill biogas, kitchen waste biogas, etc. These biogas are purchased from farms on the premise of sufficient methane. Biogas generator set can realize biogas power generation. Farm biogas power generation is the most common biogas utilization project in China. It uses the biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation treatment on the engine, and is equipped with a comprehensive power generation device to generate electricity and heat energy. Biogas power generation has the characteristics of efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection. It is a widely distributed and inexpensive distributed energy source.
Biogas requirements for farm biogas generator units (within 1m from the gas inlet valve of the gas unit)
Ø Biogas temperature≤40℃;
Ø Biogas pressure 3~20kpa, pressure change rate 1kpa/min;
Ø H2S≤200mg/Nm3;
Ø NH3≤20mg/Nm3;
Ø CH4 content in biogas ≥ 40%, change rate ≤ 2%/min
Ø Impurity particle size ≤5μm, impurity content 30mg/Nm3;
Ø The moisture content in the biogas is less than or equal to 40g/Nm3.
Process diagram of farm animal manure biogas power generation:
Farm biogas generator set

Main technical parameters of small and medium power series biogas generator set:
Power: 20-300kw Speed: 1500r/min, 1000r/min Voltage: 400V/230V Frequency: 50Hz
Excitation method: Brushless Voltage regulation method: Automatic Number of phases: Three-phase four-wire
The parameters of the biogas generator set of Lvhuan Power Farm:
Farm biogas generator set

High power farm biogas generator set 400kw/500kw/600kw/700kw parameters
Farm biogas generator set
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