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Matters needing attention in smooth grinding of crankshaft o

The smooth grinding of the crankshaft of gas generator set is one of the key processes to ensure the repair quality. So what is the content of light grinding of gas generator crankshaft? Now let's explain it.
When taking the cylindrical surface of the timing gear journal and flywheel flange as the reference for smooth grinding paste loading, the curvature must be corrected before grinding. The runout of the middle main journal before grinding shall not be greater than 0.3 mm. If the bending is not corrected in advance, the crankshaft will produce a new axis crossing the original flywheel flange and the axis of the timing gear after weaving, which will change the turning radius, destroy the dynamic balance force, shorten the service life, aggravate the wear of relevant parts, make the timing gear sound loud, and the rear oil seal leaks, increasing the unbalanced rotation quality of the engine.
According to statistics, if the fillet radius is less than 2 or 5 mm, its fatigue strength is only less than 80% of that of 2.5 mm. Since the grinding wheel for smooth grinding of crankshaft is often trimmed with the grinding wheel fillet corrector attached to the grinder to make the rounded corner size meet the requirements, there has been no shaft fracture since the vibration surfacing was put into production.
Matters needing attention in smooth grinding of crankshaft o
In the work of gas generator set, due to the complex stress and working conditions of the crankshaft, the sliding speed of each friction surface is very high, and the heat dissipation conditions are poor. Therefore, the main journal and connecting rod journal of the crankshaft will inevitably be worn in the work, and the wear is uneven, which is mainly manifested in the roundness of the journal, the cylindricity exceeding the standard value and the strain.
The large part of the wear of the connecting rod journal is generally on the inner side of each journal, that is, the side close to the centerline of the crankshaft, so that the journal is out of round; The parts worn into a cone are generally on the side where the impurities in the lubricating oil passage adhere and on the parts with large stress.
The wear parts of the crankshaft main journal vary according to the strengthening degree of the engine, the number of cylinders, the length of the crankshaft and the counterweight of the balance weight, and the wear is more uniform relative to the connecting rod journal. Practice shows that the wear of the connecting rod journal is faster than that of the main journal, but the wear of the main journal is more serious than that of the connecting rod journal.
Inspection and treatment methods of gas generator set. Find out the worn parts according to the wear law of each journal, and use the outside diameter micrometer to measure its roundness and cylindricity, so as to determine the repair level and grinding size of the crankshaft.
This is the answer to the questions related to the smooth grinding of the crankshaft of the gas generator set. It is of great value to help you. You can follow our website Learn more.
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