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What aspects determine the price of biogas generator sets?

What aspects determine the price of biogas generator sets?
There are many factors that determine the price of biogas generator sets. First of all, it depends on whether the biogas generator set in demand belongs to single fuel or dual fuel.
The single-fuel biogas generator set does not need auxiliary fuel oil and its supply equipment. The fuel is a system, which is simpler in control than the generator set that can burn two fuels. Therefore, the price of such a biogas generator set is generally lower.
When the dual-fuel biogas generator set needs to work with gas fuel, it also needs liquid auxiliary fuel, liquid fuel supply equipment, and the control mechanism is slightly complicated, and the price is slightly higher than that of the single-fuel generator set.
In addition, the prices of biogas generator sets with different powers are also different. For example, the power models of Green Ring Power Biogas generator sets range from 30KW to 1200KW. For the specific price of the biogas generator set and the cost of the biogas generator set, you can consult the sales Emal: selena@ (Manager Wang).

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