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Warm congratulations to our company for reaching cooperation

Warm congratulations to our company for reaching cooperation
Project Status:
Thailand Biomass Gas Power Generation Project
Introduction: Thailand's terrain is dominated by plains and lowlands, and hydropower is not developed. Coupled with the lack of coal and other resources, the overall power supply is insufficient. However, Thailand is located in the tropics and has abundant biomass raw materials, so it provides biomass gas power generation. excellent conditions.
This generator set project is a cooperation project between Green Ring Power and a large local power generation company in Thailand. The company relies on the abundant local biomass to gasify biomass with a biomass gasifier to generate biomass gas, and use our company The biomass gas generator set of the company has continuously provided a large amount of electric energy, which has promoted the income generation of the enterprise and the development of the local economy.
The generator set exported to Thailand this time is not the first export of Green Ring Power to Thailand, but it is the first export to Thailand after the epidemic in 2022. Although the epidemic has a great impact on China's exports, the successful case of Green Ring Power in Thailand's generator set cooperation project has impressed foreign customers. This generator set export project reached cooperation in just 4 days. A total of 9 generator sets and related supporting services were exported to the company.
The Thailand biomass gas power generation project has successfully completed the installation and acceptance. With the overall start of the project, the customer expressed strong satisfaction and proposed the next stage of the biomass gas power generation unit procurement plan on the spot.
Warm congratulations to our company for reaching cooperation

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